About Us

Vishnu Kapadia, The CIO of the firm is a voracious reader and a strong believer in value investing. He was first introduced to stock market investing 5 years ago, since then he has engaged himself in Indian and the US stock market. His investment philosophy has been shaped by reading books and articles on Howard Marks, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai and Joel Greenblatt

Vishnu graduated with bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the UK. For further studies, he completed MBA in finance from the US, where he also made progress in CFA exam. He is currently a level 3 candidate and believes learning is an ongoing process and must continue to learn and adapt to thrive in stock market.

Why Choose Us

At MJK Finvestment we see stocks as businesses that trade in the market on a daily basis. It is upto us when to buy and sell. We believe in buying those businesses that we thoroughly understand. Our money is invested in the same stocks that we recommend you.

'We make money with you, not off you'

Our ability to read outstanding businesses and patiently wait to buy them at the right price differentiates us. Capital preservation is utmost important to us.

'We do not gamble in and out of stocks'



Our Vision

We at MJK Finvestment desire to build a global research house to identify companies world-wide that would offer good investment opportunities to our clients. We believe we can achieve our goal through our strong  and disciplined research.

At MJK Finvestment we provide the simplest way to understand research through user-friendly videos and easy to understand research. We vision to provide service that would benefit the greater participants in our society ranging from housewives, students and experienced investors.

We corollary plan to educate interested participants through our magazine and free articles. Our journey has just begun, and the roadway is long. 

What We Do

We have two levels of service, Subscription and Advisory.

Our subscription service is for individuals that desire to buy stocks to enhance their portfolio returns. We may not recommend stocks every month, and only recommend when we are comfortable and reasonably sure of above market returns.

Our advisory service offers one-on-one consultation to review and develop a portfolio, build a financial plan and research on individual stocks on demand.

Both the above services can be combined and all our products offer great value!